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How do we order starter packs?

4.1.38 All pension materials, including starter packs, are distributed by the Civil Service Pensions print supplier.

4.1.39 You must ask the Scheme Administrator to issue a starter pack when you issue the Letter Of Acceptance (LOA) or an earlier communication (if appropriate).

4.1.40 You can order a starter pack by downloading the latest version of the New Starter Pack Request spreadsheet, available here and emailing it to:

You will receive an auto acknowledgement to confirm that we have received your order.

Please note: the New Starter Pack Request spreadsheet is continuously updated, so it is important that you download the latest version from our website each time you use it. Using an out of date version could cause a delay in processing your request.

4.1.41 If you are unable to use email to send the New Starter Pack Request spreadsheet, you can post your orders to the following address:

FAO Scheme Events Team
Civil Service Pensions
PO Box 2017
L69 2BU

4.1.42 You will not receive an acknowledgement of orders requested by post.

4.1.43 We recommend that you ask members during their induction if they have received their new starter pack. This will prompt members to make their pension choice and help you to identify anyone who has not received their pack.

4.1.44 It is your responsibility to ensure that members receive a new starter pack. If a member has not received their new starter pack, you should contact:

If the member has a query about the Civil Service pension arrangements you should direct them to the Civil Service Pensions’ Enquiry Centre.


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