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What is Ill Health Retirement?

6.3.7 You can grant members of any age Ill Health Retirement if the Scheme Medical Adviser believes their breakdown in health is likely to be permanent and prevent them from carrying out their work. The document ‘Ill Health Retirement - procedural Guidance for Employers’ (which is in Annex 6J), provides further information. Under alpha, nuvos, premium and classic plus there are two tiers of benefits payable depending upon whether the member cannot do their own job or cannot work again in any capacity.

Please note: if a member is due to be moved into alpha while they are in the process of an IHR application (or an appeal against a decision to turn down their application) you must not move the member until you are aware of the final decision. They must have exhausted all their options to appeal.

Where the member does not meet the IHR criteria, or IHR is not appropriate, you may consider dismissing them on the grounds of efficiency (see ‘Dismissal on grounds of efficiency’ (6.2.18 to 6.2.25) for further information).

The following paragraphs tell you the steps to take to guard against the possibility of overpaying CSCS benefits to a member who has appealed against your decision not to give them IHR.


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